Public Liability

If you have sustained an injury in a public place or in any premises you may be entitled to claim damages against the owner and/or occupier of the premises or location where you were injured. To succeed in a claim for damages in a public liability or “slip” and “fall” case it is necessary to establish negligence against the occupier of the premises or location where you were injured.

Public liability or “slip” and “fall” cases include

  • Slip and fall accidents on public property such as footpaths, parks, roads,boat ramps etc
  • Slip and fall accidents in retail premises such as supermarkets or retail outlets
  • Sporting injuries sustained due to faulty or defective sporting equipment or playing surfaces
  • injury or illness sustained from animal attacks
  • injury sustained as a result of a boat or plane accident
  • Injuries sustained in public buildings or private premises
  • Injury resulting from defective products such as Gym equipment or toys
  • toes whilst using a lift or escalators or stairs etc

Significant changes have been made to public liability laws. We are in a position to provide you with the advice and assistance you require in such claims. In NSW such claims are governed by the CIVIL LIABILITY ACT 2002.

Damages are awarded for “pain and suffering” loss of income , medical treatment expenses and domestic care and assistance and other losses which may arise in a particular claim.

We have an extensive involvement in such claims. In our experience the large majority of such claims are settled and finalised by way of direct settlement negotiations with the other party. In our experience only a small percentage of such cases proceed to a Court hearing.

What should I do if I think I have a Public Liability claim?

  • Seek early medical attention
  • Keep all medical records and receipts etc of expenses
  • Make a record (preferably with photographs of all details pertaining to the accident site
  • Keep records of all loss of income resulting from the accident
  • Contact us for advice and assistance