An enduring guardian is a person appointed by you to make decisions on your behalf in relation to your lifestyle in the event that you become incapable to manage these decisions for yourself. Below are examples of matters upon which an enduring guardian can make decisions on your behalf:

  • As to where you live;
  • Medical treatment you receive; and
  • Other personal services you receive.

When appointing an enduring guardian you can specify what decisions they can and cannot make on your behalf by empowering them with certain functions. You decide on how many or few functions the guardian has. We ensure your enduring guardianship is clear-cut so there is minimal room for misinterpretation.

There are certain legal limitations on the guardian which include:

  • Your Guardian cannot make a will for you;
  • Your guardian cannot consent to your marriage; and
  • Your guardian cannot manage your finances (A Power of Attorney is required for this).

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